Expert advice papers

Using the expertise of our Fellows, members, and the wider research community, we are able to produce information papers on emerging issues where policy will benefit from being informed by research. Expert advice papers are designed to contribute scientific advice to help policy-makers and to inform the public debate.

Recent papers:

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The Royal Society of New Zealand periodically runs workshops which bring together scientists, policy makers and other interested parties to share their knowledge and expertise.

Examples of topics of past workshops include: 

  • ecosystem services
  • geoengineering
  • ocean acidification.

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Commissioned reviews

Fellows of the Academy and other researchers carry out scientific and technical reviews on behalf of the Royal Society of New Zealand.

 Recent commissioned reviews:

Speaker’s Science Forum

In collaboration with the Speaker of the New Zealand Parliament, we organise research presentations for Members of Parliament.

Past forum topics included:

  • curbing methane emissions from livestock
  • deep sea exploration
  • translating science into economic gain.


Advisory Panels and Expert Panels enable the Royal Society of New Zealand Council and management to respond to rapidly changing concerns or emerging issues.

Our Advisory Panels comprise representatives from a cross-section of relevant Constituent Organisations. They cover all disciplines from Physical Sciences to Humanities.

Expert Panels are set up as required to contribute on critical public issues.  

Evaluation reports

We regard evaluation as an important basis for policy, as a means to assess our impact on New Zealand and as a way to determine how our services could be improved.