Biographical Information

Atholl Anderson, a former James Cook Research Fellow, works in anthropology, zooarchaeology and the archaeology of islands. He pioneering the application of optimal foraging theory to prehistoric subsistence patterns and directed the ‘Southern Hunters Project’ on the prehistory and ethnohistory of southern Maori, as described in Prodigious Birds: moas and moa-hunting in prehistoric New Zealand (Cambridge 1989) and The Welcome of Strangers: an ethnohistory of southern Maori, AD 1650-1850 (Otago, 1998). Since 1993 he has directed the ‘Indo-Pacific Prehistoric Colonisation Project’ which, through archaeological and palaeoenvironmental investigations, is seeking to understand the patterns and processes of initial human colonisation in: Christmas Island, Japan, Philippines, Palau, New Caledonia, Fiji, Niue, French Polynesia, Kiribati, Galapagos, Juan Fernandez and New Zealand.