Biographical Information

Educated at Leeds, London and Birmingham universities in the UK, Dr Davey gained his PhD in 1970. He specialised in marine geophysics–particularly active source seismic methods and marine gravity. He was initially a marine gravity specialist making some of the first measurements off UK and in the Antarctic Peninsula region in the 1960s. He has worked in Antarctica since 1965, both off the Antarctic Peninsula and in the Ross Sea, where he made the first major structure and tectonic study of Ross Sea (in 1972, with US colleagues). He developed an integrated marine geophysics capability in New Zealand on joining DSIR in 1970, and delineated the major offshore tectonic features of the NZ microcontinent in the 70s. He initiated the first NZ crustal seismic reflection programme in the 80s extending state of the art oil industry techniques, and has continued research on structure and tectonics of the Ross Sea, Antarctica,
the active convergent plate boundary through New Zealand, and the Mediterranean.

Research Interests

Lithospheric structure and evolution of the New Zealand region,particularly of the plate boundary zone through the region and theoffshore New Zealand micro-continent, using geophysical techniques

Active source seismic investigations for crustal structure and deformation

Antarctic crustal structure; Antarctic seismic stratigraphy.

Lithospheric structure and evolution of the Ross Sea region, particularly of the TransantarcticMountains rift margin.

Marine geophysics, including active source seismic techniques, gravity andgeomagnetic measurements and multibeam bathymetry.