Biographical Information

Professor Geoff Duffy holds a Personal Chair in Chemical Engineering at the University of Auckland and is renowned for his innovative and original contributions in the field of pulp and paper science and engineering in New Zealand and worldwide. His research has resulted in valuable contributions into the mechanisms of flow of fibre suspensions, fibre-turbulent interactions, flow modelling and several novel applications including screening, fractionation, washing, pipeline design, fibre characterisation, heat transfer fouling mitigation, pumping energy reduction, papersheet structure and formation, and the use of fibre suspensions as a suspending medium for other particulate solids. Several of his ideas have been used by the pulp and paper industry around the world. The pipeline design methods for pulp and paper mill pipeline systems are now standard worldwide. He was the first chemical engineer to be awarded a Doctor of Engineering DEng degree in N Z in 1988 and the first chemical engineer to be elected FRSNZ. His innovative research has been published in numerous journal and conference articles and he has received several international awards and honours over the years.