Biographical Information

Robin Tervit, Reproductive Technologies Consultant, is an international leader in domestic animal embryo development and manipulation. Current activities include collaborative research studies with the Cawthron Institute and AgResearch to develop techniques for cryopreservation of shellfish eggs/embryos and toxic algae and advising and assisting a New Zealand Animal Breeding Company on superovulation and embryo transfer manipulations in sheep and goats. Consultancies are undertaken using experience and knowledge of science and its management gained during 37 years of undertaking and then leading Reproductive Technologies science in AgResearch and its predecessors.

Achievements include developing the world’s first embryo culture medium and system which allowed early stage sheep and cattle embryos to develop normally during up to 6 days culture in vitro and result, after transfer, in the birth of live offspring. Also was co-author on the first papers showing that the onset of heat in cattle could be synchronized using prostaglandins – a technique which is now widely used internationally. Further achievements included developing successful embryo freezing techniques which enabled exotic sheep embryos to be imported into New Zealand, developing very effective regimes for embryo transfer in sheep and goats and advising New Zealand and overseas companies on embryo technologies. Also, led scientists who have developed international reputations in the areas of embryo metabolism, cloning and transgenics and pregnancy establishment.