Biographical Information

Professor Ian F. Collins, Department of Engineering Science, University of Auckland, has distinguished himself in the areas of mechanical engineering and applied mathematics, with contributions in solid mechanics and thermo-mechanics, and their applications to aspects of glaciology, metal-forming, friction and wear, structural mechanics, composite materials, geomechanics and geotechnical engineering. He has developed rigorous models of engineering processes which are also workable from an engineering perspective.

Ian Collins is one of the world’s foremost experts on fundamental plasticity theory and its application to mechanical and geotechnical problems. As an international expert on geomaterials he has applied the basic laws of thermodynamics to develop a completely new procedure for developing constitutive models for soils, sand, and other geomaterials. His pioneering work on the application of “shakedown theory” to predict the performance of layered road pavements has been taken up by engineering groups in the United Kingdom and Australia. He is a profoundly original thinker whose work pushes the subject in a new direction.