Biographical Information

Dr Ian Brown is one of New Zealand’s leading Materials Scientists with a strong international reputation in the field of Ceramics Research. He has established and managed the development of a world class research team and facilities in Advanced Ceramic Science and Technology at Industrial Research Limited. The team’s research has covered the discovery and development of new materials and processes for the fabrication of advanced sialon (Si-Al-O-N) ceramics and new iron-titanium carbide ceramic-metal composites, which are used internationally as advanced engineering materials and for high temperature applications in the aluminium industry. This fundamental and applied research programme has directly resulted in the development of a new export driven industry for New Zealand based on advanced ceramic technology. Recently, Ian has initiated a programme to develop new materials for future hydrogen based energy technologies, with emphasis on developing novel materials solutions for high energy density hydrogen storage and new thermochemical cycles for generating high purity hydrogen to interface with modern fuel cell technologies.