Biographical Information

Jim Mann is a Professor of Human Nutrition and Medicine, University of Otago where his research centres on prediabetic states, in particular their association with cardiovascular risk and the potential of nutritional factors to reduce risk of progression to diabetes and cardiovascular disease. His research group undertook the first randomised controlled trials which demonstrated the benefits of dietary fibre in terms of glycaemic control and cardiovascular risk, distinguished between the effects of different types of dietary fibre and helped to explain the mechanism of action of dietary fibre. Other research interests relate to novel cardiovascular risk factors, their interactions and the health consequences of vegetarianism. The diabetes related work provides a cornerstone for the development of evidence-based nutrition guidelines for the treatment and prevention of diabetes, a process which he had led in New Zealand and internationally. He has further contributed to Public Health Nutrition through his involvement with the development of evidence-based guidelines for detection and management of cardiovascular risk, editorial contribution to seven international journals and adviser or chair of committees reporting to government and international agencies including the World Health Organisation and Food and Agriculture Organisation.