Biographical Information

Keith Hunter is a Professor and HOD of the Chemistry Department at the University of Otago. His research interests focus on the biogeochemistry of marine ans fresh waters, with particular regard to the interaction between biologically-active metals such as iron and phytoplankton and their effects on carbon dioxide equilibria. He also has a long-standing interest in surface chemistry and colloids in natural waters. He directs a large research group at Otago, affectionately dubbed “Water World”, which has close contacts with NIWA, through the joint Otago-NIWA Centre for Chemical & Physical Oceanography. A significant new development from his group is the establishment of a specialist laboratory for heavy element isotope mass spectrometry incorporating a multi-collector ICP-MS which will be installed in mid-2005. Keith has served on a number of international committees and working groups in oceanography and is one of the national delegates to the Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research.