Biographical Information

Professor Paul J Moughan trained as an agricultural scientist at Massey University, graduating PhD in the area of mammalian protein metabolism, in 1984. His early research career focussed on nutrition and growth in simple-stomached animals. An in-depth investigation of the role of dietary proteins and peptides in influencing gut secretions in animals and humans relied upon the development of original experimental methodologies and has received international acclaim. An active research interest in food chemistry has also led to the development of a suite of novel chemical and biological assays, which have found wide application in food and feedstuff evaluation science, and in the development of functional foods for humans. Professor Moughan is a world authority on mammalian protein metabolism, model animals for studying digestion in humans and food evaluation science. He was awarded DSc by Massey University in 1996 for distinguished contributions to science.

He holds a Personal Chair at Massey University and is Director of the Riddet Centre. Professor Moughan has also made significant contributions to science leadership, having been Director of Massey University’s Monogastric Research Centre, Foundation Scientific Director of the Milk and Health Research Centre, and Foundation Head of the Institute of Food, Nutrition and Human Health. He is a former Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of Ralston Purina International, USA and is a Director of the Geoffrey Gardiner Foundation in Australia. He has demonstrated a rare ability to combine in-depth scientific investigation with both entrepreneurial development and sustained science leadership.