Biographical Information

Rob Goldblatt is Professor of Pure Mathematics at Victoria University of Wellington, where he was first appointed to a personal chair in 1981. His research interests are in logic, algebra and the conceptual foundations of mathematics. He is the author of six books and numerous articles about the algebraic laws underlying mathematical reasoning and the formal semantics (theory of meaning) of symbolic languages used in mathematics, computer science and philosophy. He is also interested in “nonstandard analysis”, which uses modern logical techniques to make sense of the age-old notions of infinitely small and infinitely large numbers.

He is a recipient of the NZ Association of Scientists’ Research Medal, and the Research Award of the NZ Mathematical Society, for which he has served as President and is now an Honorary Life Member. Other contributions to the research community include membership of the Councils of the Royal Society Academy and the Marsden Fund, and service as Coordinating Editor of the prestigious Journal of Symbolic Logic.