Biographical Information

More than 30 years’ experience in long-term fundamental and applied research, project management, technical marketing, contract research and consulting; the last 20 years as a fibre and paper scientist with the Pulp and Paper Research Organisation of New Zealand (PAPRO) at Forest Research. More than 130 published papers including one patent, and over 250 consulting assignments/reports.

Areas of research involve the study of softwood and hardwood chemical and mechanical pulp and papermaking fibres – their qualities, variabilities, refining requirements and product and end-use applicabilities. The most highly specialised knowledge area concerns the qualities and papermaking potentials of softwood (including radiata pine) and hardwood market and other kraft pulps and fibres, and their interactions one with another. Also, the response of such pulp and fibre types to both separate and co-refining treatments and effects on energy requirements, product qualities and end use applicabilities

Research Interests

  • Wood, fibre, and pulp-product property relationships for softwood and hardwood chemical and mechanical pulp
  • Papermaking fibres: their qualities, variabilities, refining requirements, and end-use suitabilities
  • Fibre quality benchmarking against existing products
  • Product development: fibre selection, modification, and processing, and their influences on product quality and performance
  • Forest resource assessment for fibre types and qualities; their benchmarking against existing products,processing options, and product suitabilities
  • Product-driven tree selection for designer fibres in softwood and hardwood (eucalypt, acacia, poplar)plantations
  • Web reinforcement and runnability: influence of softwood fibre type, refining conditions, and furnish blend
  • Refining response of softwood and hardwood chemical pulps and fibre types: stock consistency, specific edge load, energy, separate refining and co-refining, pulp uniformity, product quality, and end-use suitability
  • Fibre, furnish, pulp processing and product quality trouble-shooting
  • Technology transfer seminars