Biographical Information

Sally Casswell is Professor of Social and Health Research and the Director of the Centre for Social and Health Outcome Research and Evaluation (SHORE) at Massey University. Her research interests are in social and public health policy, particularly in relation to alcohol and other drugs. She has a particular interest in development and implementation of healthy public policy at the community level and in evaluation of these initiatives, including strategies to reduce the exposure of young people to alcohol marketing.

Professor Casswell is currently a member of the Marsden Fund Council and chairs the Social Sciences panel. She also chairs the Social Science Stakeholders Reference Group as part of the ‘Improving the Knowledge Base for Social Policy’ initiative of the Ministry of Research, Science and Technology, 2004 and is a member of the management board for Building Research Capability in the Social Sciences Network.

In 1993 Professor Casswell received the Jellinek Award, which is the premier international award for alcohol research and currently chairs the World Health Organization Alcohol Policy Strategy Advisory Committee (APSAC). She has a long association with the WHO, chairing expert advisory committees, participating in working groups and on editorial committees which have produced two volumes on Alcohol and Public Policy published by Oxford University Press.(1994 and 1995) and a follow-up project which resulted in the publication Alcohol, No Ordinary Commodity: Research and Public Policy; Oxford University Press, 2003.

She was made an Officer of the Order of New Zealand in 2003 for her services to health research.