Biographical Information

Professor Vernon Squire has been Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic and International) since 2010, having previously been the Pro-Vice-Chancellor of the University’s Division of Sciences for seven years and before that the Head of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics for nearly a decade. His academic training is in applied mathematics, with a particular focus on the construction of mathematical models to describe marine hydrodynamical processes that relate to the sea-ice canopies of the polar and subpolar oceans. Professor Squire continues to engage in research, with a specific current interest in the assimilation of ocean-wave / sea-ice interactions into large scale ice-ocean models and OGCMs (oceanic global circulation models) to improve their effectiveness and the accuracy of their operational forecasts and predictions. Currently this interactivity is absent, causing OGCMs to severely underestimate the contribution that adjacent open sea and open leads make to atmosphere-ocean fluxes, especially as global warming continues to trigger significant adjustment of the ice-covered oceans, e.g. decreased ice in the summer Arctic.