Biographical Information

Zoran Salcic, Professor of Computer Systems Engineering at the University of Auckland, has established an international reputation in computer systems engineering. His particular expertise is in embedded systems, which involve the use and integration of ICT (both hardware and software) with sensing, signal processing and automation technologies.

Professor Salcic has pioneered work on the use of the newest semiconductor technologies and reconfigurable systems in the form of customisable and reactive microprocessors, and on linking electronic semiconductor systems with optical and micromechanical systems. His contributions bridge the gap between digital systems theory and practice, enabling researchers and engineers to develop new, high-performance modern integrated circuits, and resulting in substantial improvements over traditional software approaches, and increased productivity.

Professor Salcic is active in industrial collaboration, and in catalysing numerous research projects with his colleagues. He has supervised over 60 postgraduate students, and his work has been published in almost 200 refereed papers, seven books, 20 book chapters, and numerous technical reports. His international reputation has been acknowledged recently with his appointment by the European Association of Signal Processing (EURASIP) as Editor-in-chief of the new Journal on Embedded Systems (EURASIP JES).