Biographical Information

Professor Michael Peters has held appointments at the University of Canterbury, the University of Auckland, the University of Glasgow, and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He is one of the world’s leading philosophers of education. He has written over fifty books and three hundred articles and chapters. He is the Executive Editor of Educational Philosophy and Theory, one of the highest-ranking journals in the field, and Founding Editor of Policy Futures in Education, a well-regarded international periodical in the field of educational policy studies.

Professor Peters’s main research interests are philosophical and theoretical in nature, and he has made a tremendous contribution to international education theory and practice by demonstrating the value of modern continental philosophers to contemporary educational activities. This challenging work has earned the esteem of his peers. His work negotiates admirably the tension between maintaining educational relevance to a local context and losing touch with global and mainstream issues. His work draws on a number of philosophical and cultural traditions, and among others he has addressed questions relating to changing conceptions of ‘the disciplines’, knowledge, the cultural domain, the self, and society.

Recently he has developed an interest in global and development studies and as of 2010 is the Director of Global Studies in Education at the University of Illinois. In global and development studies he has a research interest in the intersections between knowledge economy, distributed knowledge systems, digital scholarship and elearning systems and has acted as an advisor to government on these and related matters in Scotland, NZ, South Africa and the EU. His work on this theme includes Building Knowledge Cultures: Educational and Development in the Age of Knowledge Capitalism (2006) with Tina Besley; and Knowledge Economy, Development and the Future of the University (2007); Global Citizenship Education (2008) with H. Blee & A. Britton; Global Knowledge Cultures (2007) with C. Kapitzke; Creativity and the Global Knowledge Economy (2009), Imagination: Three Models of Imagination in the Age of the Knowledge Economy (2010), Global Creation: Space, Connection and Synchrony in the Age of the Knowledge Economy (2010), all with Simon Marginson & Peter Murphy; Education in the Creative Economy (2010) with D. Araya.

He has been President of the Philosophy of Education Society of Australasia, and he has been continually active in encouraging young scholars and those beginning their academic careers. He has taught at all levels in the university system, and supervised numerous doctoral theses to completion.