The Royal Society of New Zealand has established Panels, Forums and Committees to enable Council and Management to respond to, at times, rapidly changing concerns or emerging issues.

Discipline-based Forums have been established for, and chaired by each of the three discipline-based Vice-Presidents i.e. Vice-President (Biological and Life Sciences); Vice-President (Physical Sciences, Mathematics, Engineering and Technology); and Vice-President (Social Sciences and Humanities). These Forums comprise the Presidents (or their nominees) of all the Constituent Organisations that fall within each of the Vice President’s respective portfolios.

Expert Panels have been, and will be, set up for a specific purpose and timeframe to respond to, and initiate contributions by, the Royal Society of New Zealand to critical public issues. Expert Panels are formed for these specific tasks through the relevant Vice-President, Discipline-based Forum and Chief Executive and will draw on the appropriate expertise of Fellows and non-Fellows.

The Academy Executive Committee and ANZCCART are special Committees of the Royal Society of New Zealand.

Discipline-based Forums

Vice Presidents’ Discipline-based Forums

Management Advisory Panel

Expert Panels


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