The Australian and New Zealand Council for the Care of Animals in Research and Teaching (ANZCCART) is an independent body which was established to provide a focus for consideration of the scientific, ethical and social issues associated with the use of animals in research and teaching. Such use is often the subject of lively debate.

ANZCCART seeks to promote effective communication and co-operation between all parties and assist in the resolution of potential conflicts by promoting awareness of concerns and solutions to problems.

Mission Statement

ANZCCART will foster and promote best practice in ethical, social and scientific issues relating to the use and wellbeing of animals in research and teaching

Key Objectives

To achieve its mission ANZCCART will promote:

  • excellence in the care of animals supplied for or used in research, testing, and teaching;
  • responsible scientific use of animals;
  • the three Rs policy of Replacement, Reduction and Refinement as they apply to the use of animals for scientific purposes;
  • informed discussion and debate within the community regarding these matters;
  • strategic partnerships to contribute to the education and training of scientists, students and the broader community.

ANZCCART operates on a purely advisory basis and provides guidance and information to all interested parties including Animal Ethics Committees, scientists, teachers, regulatory authorities, granting agencies, government, animal welfare organisations, the media and the general public. ANZCCART is governed by separate Boards in New Zealand and Australia. ANZCCART (NZ) is a Committee of the Royal Society of New Zealand. Its principal sponsors are the New Zealand Vice-Chancellors’ Committee and AgResearch Ltd but it also receives annual contributions and/ or other support from organisations including the Ministry for Primary Industries and the Royal New Zealand SPCA.

ANZCCART’s principal sponsors in Australia are the Australian Vice-Chancellors’ Committee, Australian Research Council, CSIRO, the National Health and Medical Research Council, and the Royal Society of New Zealand. State and Territory Government Departments responsible for the management of animal welfare legislation are also members, as is the RSPCA.

ANZCCART promotes and supports the commitment to the principles embodied in the legislation regulating the use of animals in research, testing and teaching in New Zealand (Animal Welfare Act 1999, Part 6), the Australian code of practice for the care and use of animals for scientific purposes and the relevant animal welfare legislation enforced by each State or Territory Government.