Award Details
Award Offered: Yearly
Prize: Medal and prize money: $100,000

Rutherford MedalThe Rutherford Medal is the highest award instituted by the Royal Society of New Zealand at the request of the Government to recognise exceptional contributions to the advancement and promotion of public awareness, knowledge and understanding in addition to eminent research or technological practice by a person or group in any field of science, mathematics, social science, or technology. A group award shall only be made in very meritorious circumstances.

Nominations for the 2015 Rutherford Medal will open in early 2015.

In early 2015, the Society will be introducing an online portal system to receive nominations for medals and awards. Once this is set up, probably in February 2015, we will be calling for nominations for the medals offered in 2015.

If you have any queries about making a nomination for this medal please email:


No more than one Rutherford medal will be awarded each year.

Science and Technology” is taken to cover the fields of knowledge broadly known by the term “scientific culture”. It includes the applied, biological, earth, engineering, information, mathematical, medical, physical, social, and technological sciences. It also includes activities in the promotion and encouragement of science and technology, in improving public awareness, knowledge and understanding of science and technology, in science and technology education and in the management of scientific and technological societies and institutions.