Current and Previous Fellows:

2016-2018 Professor Marti Anderson FRSNZ (Biological Sciences)
2016-2018 Professor Antony Braithwaite FRSNZ (Health Sciences)
2016-2018 Professor Geoff Chase FRSNZ (Engineering Sciences and Technology)
2016-2018 Professor Jennifer Hay FRSNZ (Social Sciences)
2015-2017 Professor Philip Lester FRSNZ (Biological Sciences)
2015-2017 Professor Geoff Whittle FRSNZ (Physical Sciences)
2015-2017 Professor Peter Davis (Social Sciences)
2014-2016 Professor Gerald Tannock FRSNZ (Health Sciences)
2014-2016 Professor James Noble (Engineering Sciences and Technology)
2013-2015 Professor John Montgomery FRSNZ (Biological Sciences)
2013-2015 Professor Robert McLachlan FRSNZ (Physical Sciences)
2013-2015 Professor Colin Wilson FRSNZ (Physical Scineces)
2013-2015 Professor Elizabeth Matisoo-Smith FRSNZ (Social Sciences)
2012-2014 Professor Matt Visser FRSNZ (Physical Sciences)
2012-2014 Professor Marston Conder FRSNZ (Physical Sciences)
2012-2014 Professor Rick Millane (Engineering  Sciences and Technologies)
2012-2014 Professor Gregory Cook (Biological Sciences)
2011- 2013 Associate Professor Anthony Poole (Health Sciences)
2011- 2013 Professor Susan Schenk FRSNZ (Health Sciences)
2011- 2013 Associate Professor Poul Nielsen (Engineering Sciences and Technologies)
2011- 2013 Professor Paul Rainey (Biological Sciences)
2010- 2012 Professor Peter Lockhart FRSNZ (Biological Sciences)
2010-  2012 Associate Professor Parry Guilford (Health Sciences)
2010- 2012 Associate Professor Lianne Woodward (Social Sciences)
2010- 2012 Professor Tim Stern FRSNZ (Physical Sciences)
2010-2011 Professor Mike Steel FRSNZ (Physical Sciences)
2009- 2012 Professor John Pratt (Social Sciences)
2009-2011 Associate Professor Martyn Nash (Engineering Sciences and Technologies)
2008-2010 Professor Murray Mitchell FRSNZ (Health Sciences)
2008-2010 Professor Kenneth McNatty FRSNZ (Health Sciences)
2008-2010 Professor Rod Downey FRSNZ (Physical Sciences)
2008-2010 Professor Paul Callaghan PCNZM FRS FRSNZ (Physical Sciences)
2007-2009 Professor Wickliffe Abraham FRSNZ (Health Sciences)
2007-2009 Professor James Sneyd FRSNZ (Biological Sciences)
2007-2008 Professor David Lambert FRSNZ (Biological Sciences)
2006-2008 Professor Wei Gao FRSNZ (Engineering Sciences and Technologies)
2006-2008 Professor Peter Steel FRSNZ (Physical Sciences)
2005-2007 Associate Professor Gary Housley (Health Sciences)
2005-2007 Professor Colleen Ward (Social Sciences)
2005-2007 Professor Robert Jackson FRSNZ (Biological Sciences)
2004-2006 Professor Ian Pool FRSNZ (Res. of relevance to NZ.)
2004-2006 Professor Margaret Brimble FRSNZ (Physical Sciences)
2003-2005 Professor Charles Higham FRSNZ (Social Sciences)
2003-2005 Dr Michael Berridge (Health Sciences)
2003-2006 Professor Andrew Pullan (Engineering Sciences and Technologies)
2003-2005 Professor Russell Gray FRSNZ (Biological Sciences)
2002-2004 Professor Erik Olssen FRSNZ (Res. of relevance to NZ.)
2002-2004 Professor Peter Schwerdtfeger FRSNZ (Physical Sciences)
2002-2004 Professor Robert Poulin FRSNZ (Biological Sciences)
2001-2003 Professor Graham Le Gros FRSNZ (Health Sciences)
2001-2004 Professor Gaven Martin FRSNZ (Physical Sciences)
2001-2003 Professor Jos Arrillaga FRSNZ (Engineering Sciences and Technologies)
2000-2002 Professor Michael Eccles (Health Sciences)
2000-2002 Professor Michael Corballis FRSNZ (Biological Sciences)
2000-2002 Professor Jack Vowles FRSNZ (Res. of relevance to NZ.)
2000-2003 Professor Judith Binney FRSNZ (Social Sciences)
1999-2001 Professor Peter Hunter FRS FRSNZ (Engineering Sciences and Technologies)
1999-2001 Professor Warren Moran FRSNZ (Social Sciences)
1998-2000 Professor Ken Mackenzie FRSNZ (Physical Sciences)
1998-2000 Dr Bruce Hayward FRSNZ (Physical Sciences)
1997-1999 Professor Geoffrey Krissansen (Health Sciences)
1998-2000 Dr Bob McDowall FRSNZ (Biological Sciences)
1997-1999 Professor Roy Daniels FRSNZ (Biological Sciences)
1997-2000 Professor Jeff Tallon FRSNZ (Physical Sciences)
1997-2000 Professor Athol Anderson FRSNZ (Res. of relevance to NZ)
1997-2000 Professor Brian Boyd FRSNZ (Social Sciences)