• The New Zealand Government has established the Julius von Haast (JvH) Fellowship Award to complement the programmes of Germany’s Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. Under a JvH Fellowship, German scholars and scientists will be able to undertake research in New Zealand, for a minimum of four weeks per year over a three year period. The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation supports this programme and has incorporated the JvH Fellowship into the Humboldt Research awards based on reciprocity for top German researchers. This JvH scheme is funded through New Zealand’s International Relationships Fund, and is administered by the Royal Society of New Zealand.
  • The JvH Fellowship allows internationally recognised German researchers to spend time working collaboratively with their New Zealand colleagues, and to establish, or enhance collaborative research of benefit to both countries.
  • This Fellowship is open to all fields of research including social science, humanities and both traditional and developing sciences. JvH Fellowships will be awarded upon excellence in research, and upon the benefits for New Zealand research, science and technology. The applicant must be a German national with an international reputation as an innovative researcher. The applicant must be currently working within the German research/science sector and have been employed for no less than five years (in total) in public or private German research or academic institutions.
  • A JvH Fellowship will be awarded for three years. New Zealand intends to appoint one new Fellow in each financial year (July to June).

Applications for the 2014 round closed on Friday 27 September 2013. 

Please contact Josie Reid (josie.reid@royalsociety.org.nz) regarding any queries.

The successful applicants for 2012 are Professor Alexander Verl of the Fraunhofer Institute and Dr Peter Mombaerts of the Max Planck Institute of Biophysics.  Both applicants will be hosted in New Zealand by the University of Auckland.