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  • Maths and the Ebola outbreak: Images of medical workers clad in protective gear have become synonymous with the global fight against Ebola, but a long way from the frontline, mathematicians are unlocking the secrets of what makes the virus tick.

  • Why Do Brits Say Maths and Americans Say Math: Why do we disagree on what to call it?

  • Parable of the Polygons- A playable post on the shape of society: Check out this clever interactive story about segregation in a polygon society.

  • ARB’s New Website:The  Assessment Resource Banks consist of 2295 assessment resources in English, Mathematics and Science for students working at levels 2-5 for use in New Zealand classrooms.

  • Teacher Support Material (TSM) for Connected 2014 now available:Connected promotes scientific, technological, and mathematical literacy so that students can engage in a critical and informed manner with real-life science- and technology- related issues and authentic, context-based mathematical explorations. TSM for most of the articles is available, with additional digital content coming in 2015.

  • Photo gallery of minerals and rocks: Beautiful and colourful, spiky and shiny rocks and minerals, from National Geographic.

  • Elephants never forget: Find out why in this TED-Ed video.

  • The Science of Christmas: Ever wondered how Santa gets around the whole world in one night? Why no one sees him delivering presents? How he fits down the chimney? Or how Rudolph’s nose came to glow? 

  • Water vapour on Rosetta’s target comet significantly different from that found on Earth :ESA’s Rosetta spacecraft has found the water vapor from its target comet to be significantly different to that found on Earth. The discovery fuels the debate on the origin of our planet’s oceans.

  • New ‘high-entropy’ alloy is as light as aluminium, as strong as titanium alloys : Researchers have developed a new ‘high-entropy’ metal alloy that has a higher strength-to-weight ratio than any other existing metal material.

  • Scientists estimate total weight of plastic floating in world’s oceans: Nearly 269,000 tons of plastic pollution floating in the ocean : Nearly 269,000 tons of plastic pollution may be floating in the world’s oceans, according to a new study. Microplastic pollution is found in varying concentrations throughout the oceans, but estimates of the global abundance and weight of floating plastics, both micro and macroplastic, lack sufficient data to support them.

  • Virtual Great Walker: A brand new LEARNZ field trip from 24-26 February. The Virtual Great Walker field trip is your chance to experience the famous Routeburn Track, one of New Zealand’s nine Great Walks! DOC and Air New Zealand have joined forces to bring the Great Walks directly to you through the Virtual Great Walker competition. Your class could win an ultimate Great Walks experience!

  • GNS Science Outreach map: A map where you can find geolocated links to fascinating New Zealand earth science blogs, web pages and youtube clips.

  • ISLP poster competition: The 2014-15 International Statistical Literacy Project Poster competition is under way! Winners of the national competition will be displayed at the World Statistics Congress in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2015 and be entered into the international competition. You can register your school to enter by sending an email to mawby@stats.govt.nz  Entries can be sent to the same address any time before the closing date of 16th December.

  • Summer Seashore Survey: Summer is a great time to spend time on the beach!  Why not take the opportunity to carry out a survey of the plants and animals you find there?  Marine Metre Squared is a citizen science project that aims to monitor the biodiversity on New Zealand’s shores.  Free resources and ID guides are available for both the rocky shore and sandy and muddy shore environments. 

  • Rutherford Lecture broadcast on Radio New Zealand.  Sundays  7-28 December. Dame Anne Salmond, renowned author, academic, environmentalist and winner of the 2013 Rutherford Medal, will present four lectures exploring different areas of our national life – The Sea, The Land, People and Power, and Rivers.  She will explore how exchanges between different ways of being, particularly Maori and European, have helped to shape our past and how they might contribute to an innovative and successful society for future generations.

  • The Art of Mathematics and the Mathematics of Art: A 2014 Distinguished Speaker: The Art of Mathematics public lecture. 9-17 December.

  • Nominate your Seaweek 2015 Ocean Champion:  Nominations are now open to find the Seaweek “Ocean Champion” for 2015. Visit the Seaweek website at to nominate your “Ocean Champion” and celebrate all those individuals groups and organizations who work so hard to look after our seas and the marine life that lives in them. Nominations close 20 January 2015 and voting will take place during February 2015. Nominees will all be featured on the Seaweek website.

  • TRCC Courses : Current courses available between December ‘14 to October ’15.

  • Clean Tech Competition: Registrations close 20 February 2015 for the Clean Tech Competition. This is an international research and design challenge for 15-18 year old pre-university students. The 2015 challenge, Feed the World asks students to develop a clean technology solution to the problems of an inadequate and unstable food supply.

  • Seaweek 2015:  Runs from 28 Feb   to 8 March 2015. The theme is “Look beneath the surface – Papatai ō roto – Papatai ō raro”

  • 2015 Teacher online PLD opportunities:  From CORE Education.

  • 2015 is the International Year of Light:  The New Zealand committee will be running many activities and events throughout the country.


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