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Is the IPCC past its use-by date?

Based on my close involvement with six IPCC reports since 1992, the key outcomes and recommendations on mitigation and adaptation measures and opportunities over the decades are reviewed. The messages were clear – though perhaps not always well-communicated.

So why have few people, businesses, governments, etc., taken any notice of the science?

 Global emissions continue to rise; NZ emissions have possibly stabilised based on recent NZ Stats results. Climate impacts are now more evident. It’s too late to stay below the 1.5 ºC temperature rise of the Paris target.

So should the IPCC continue to give out the same old messages based on the science – or should we give up on this scientific assessment process and leave it to the survival of the fittest?

Ralph Sims is Emeritus Professor of Renewable Energy and founder of the Centre for Energy Research at Massey University, where he has been based for more than half a century.


Ralph Sims

Emeritus Professor


Royal Society Te Apārangi Manawatū Branch


Palmerston North Central Library, George Street,
Palmerston North

7:30pm Tue 21 March, 2023 - 8:30pm Tue 21 March, 2023