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Understanding science through drama

Join Dr Carrie Swanson and Greta Dromgool for a free 45 minute webinar which will inspire you to explore science through drama.

Science learning involves exploring ideas through different perspectives and imagining objects, processes and connections that can’t be viewed by the naked eye. Using drama to enhance students' learning experiences deepens their understanding. Drama can play a significant role in helping students to better understand science concepts, the nature of science, and to explore the complexity of socio-scientific issues.

During the webinar we will share examples of how different kinds of drama can support science learning. We will include simple ideas that can be used easily in the classroom and provide links demonstrating how other educators have developed an integrated curriculum approach using science and drama.

Carrie's research involves both science and drama education. Her PhD explored the use of the dramatic inquiry approach Mantle of the Expert (Heathcote and Bolton, 1995) in science education at years 7–8. She is connected to the wider drama and science communities in Australasia and world-wide including the Dramatic Inquiry Aotearoa Network Trust and has contributed to two books. 

This session will be valuable for all teachers.


Science Learning Hub


4:00pm Thu 8 September, 2022 - 4:45pm Thu 8 September, 2022