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Raewyn Good Study Award for Māori and Pasifika Social Science Research

The inaugural Raewyn Good Study Award for Māori and Pasifika Social Science Research has been awarded to Cinnamon-Jo Lindsay, Dept of Psychology, University of Auckland.

Engaging in tertiary studies is often an exciting, challenging, and rewarding life experience for Māori. However, due to New Zealand’s colonial history, tertiary settings may not always foster supportive environments for Māori students. Māori students with children can face challenging events that can hamper their university experiences. Māori parents therefore, must negotiate the complexity of being Māori, and a parent across social, personal and academic environments – contexts that yield different and often conflicting demands.

Cinnamon-Jo’s current study therefore aims to explore the unique challenges of being a Māori parent within tertiary settings. How do Māori parents negotiate and navigate identities and responsibilities of being both “mother/father” and “student”? What are the best ways to support Māori parents engaged in university studies at an individual and policy level? This study aims to explore the social and cultural conditions that inform the experiences of Māori parents who are currently engaged in tertiary study with a focus on how university practices and policy could be adapted to better suit their needs and support their academic advancement.