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Julius Von Haast Fellowship

Julius von Haast Fellowship Award


The Julius von Haast Fellowship is offered to internationally recognised German researchers in conjunction with the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment and the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.  The application process is administered by the Society.


The Fellowship allows internationally recognised German researchers to spend time working collaboratively with their New Zealand colleagues, and to establish, or enhance, collaborative research of benefit to both countries.

International Partner

  • Germany – in partnership with the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (AvH).

Activity Description

The successful Julius von Haast Fellow will be recognised for excellence in their area or areas of expertise; have the ability to support an increase in New Zealand’s capability in their area of expertise; and be internationally recognised.

The Applicant must be a New Zealand-based Research Organisation, which will act as the New Zealand Host (the Host).  The Host will have the ability to leverage strategic benefit of the Fellow to catalyse capability and capacity development in New Zealand. The Host is expected to connect the Fellow beyond its own institution.

  • The successful Fellow will undertake research in New Zealand for a minimum of four weeks per year over the three year award period.


A Julius von Haast Fellowship will be awarded for three years. Each year of tenure the Fellowship Award will comprise an annual payment of:

  • A contribution towards supporting the cost of the Fellow’s time of up to $20,000 paid to the Host. Where the Fellow’s time is being covered by the Fellow’s employer, this funding can be used for other expenses relating to the Fellowship;
  • NZ$20,000 maximum research and travel allowance* paid to the Host; and;
  • NZ$10,000 maximum host institution administration allowance paid to the Host.

*The cost of buying carbon offsets is an allowable expense where those carbon offsets are directly related to the project travel activities. If applicable, New Zealand quarantine fees for the Julius Von Haast Fellow visiting New Zealand is also allowable expense.

The research and travel allowance cannot be used for salaries, equipment purchase and depreciation, student fees, or scholarships.

Fields of Research

The Julius von Haast Fellowship is open to all fields of research, science and technology (including social sciences and the humanities), and related areas of expertise.

Specific Requirements

In addition to the general eligibility requirements of the Catalyst: Leaders:

  • The Fellow must be a German national or permanent resident with an international reputation as an innovative researcher. He/she must be currently working within the German research/science sector and have been employed for no less than five years (in total) in public or private German research or academic institutions.
  • The Julius von Haast Fellow coming to New Zealand must not already hold employment in New Zealand
  • The New Zealand Host is expected to connect the Leader beyond its own institution.
  • Previously unsuccessful applicants are not excluded from re-applying.
  • Previous recipients of the Julius von Haast Fellowship are not eligible to apply.

The application must include a copy of each of the following documents for the German researcher:

  • Passport / Birth Certificate / Permanent Residency.


The Society will notify Applicants of the outcome by email through their Host institutional Research Coordinator no later than 7 weeks after the close of applications.

How to apply

The Julius Von Haast Fellowship is a sub-programme under Catalyst: Leaders. For information on how to apply, please download the Catalyst: Leaders application guidelines from the current open call page.

Successful Grants

Contract Timeframe

Contracts Initiated

Required Starting Date

Contracted Activity must be complete

Activity Report(s) required

No later than 8 weeks after close of Call No later than 12 months after Application Closing Date 36 months after Contract Starting Date Annually


The Fellowship will be paid over four payments. The first payment will be made upon signing of the contract, with additional annual payments being made following the acceptance of a satisfactory annual report detailing progress on milestone activities achieved within each year.

Any deviation from this principle must be justified and accepted by the Society’s Director – Research Funding, in advance.

Payment will be by direct credit, upon receipt and assessment of the Annual activity report.


About Julius von Haast

 Combined Haast and specimen with legend v2

Sir Johann Franz "Julius" von Haast was a German geologist, explorer and writer who founded Canterbury Museum in Christchurch New Zealand in 1861¹. Haast was the provincial geologist of Canterbury from 1861-1871 and his explorations are remembered in New Zealand by locations such as the Haast Pass and Franz Joseph Glacier, which Haast named after the Emperor of the Austro-Hungarian Empire². In his explorations, he collected many plants previously unknown to science, and many genera and species named after him today.  


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Our History - Canterbury Museum, [website cited 25 March 2015]; Available from: http://www.canterburymuseum.com/about-us/our-history