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Nominations for the advisory committee

Royal Society Te Apārangi is calling for nominations for people to be appointed to the Centres of Research Excellence (CoREs) Advisory Committee for the 2019/20 CoREs round.

Details of the role are given below or view further information on the 2019/20 CoREs round.  

The nominations/expressions of interest should include:

  • contact details;
  • disclosures – including paid and unpaid activities and organisations;
  • biographical information that outlines the nominees’ appropriate skills, attributes and background; and
  • any actual or potential conflicts of interest.

Please forward expressions of interest or nominations for members of the CoREs Fund Advisory Committee to the CoREs secretariat at cores@royalsociety.org.nz.

Nominations close 23 August 2019.

CoREs Fund Advisory Committee

The CoREs Fund Advisory Committee will act as the overall assessment committee and make the final recommendations on the Centres to be funded to the TEC.  It will be responsible for assessing the relevance of applications to New Zealand’s economic, social or environmental priorities and for assessing the relevant governance and management arrangements. 

The members of the CoREs Fund Advisory Committee will be people of standing and respect in the New Zealand community.  They will have high level skills and capabilities, with an understanding of the importance of research to New Zealand’s social, economic or environmental success.  It is anticipated that there will be five to eight members of the Committee.

The majority of the Committee deliberations will take place during April and May 2020, however there will be some work before and after this time. It is anticipated that the CoREs applications will be available to the Advisory Committee members in mid-December 2019. We estimate a total workload of 20-25 days and an honorarium will be paid to Advisory Committee members.

In order to assist the independence of this Committee, people who are connected to any of the CoREs proposals will not be considered for appointment.

Skill set for selecting the CoREs Fund Advisory Committee

The membership will collectively have attributes, which include demonstrated:

  • understanding of the key attributes of world-class research teams;
  • high-level strategic thinking skills;
  • experience in institution building and assessing governance and management viability;
  • understanding of and commitment to the Government’s strategic direction for New Zealand;
  • understanding of the potential for tertiary education institutions (TEIs) to support New Zealand’s cultural, environmental, social, and economic priorities;
  • experience of best practice for knowledge transfer including the development of human capital and the formation of links with public and private end users;
  • experience and reputation in assessing excellence in Māori research;
  • understanding of the social and cultural dimensions of innovation and an awareness of environmental issues;
  • ability to deliberate constructively toward a consensus; and
  • diversity and breadth of perspective.