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Government Policy documents

The Tertiary Education Strategy, Ka Hikitia, The Pacific Education Action Plan, Vision Mātauranga, He Kai Kei Aku Ringa and Maihi Karauna.

The proposal should make a significant contribution to the priorities of the:

Tertiary Education Strategy 2014-2017

The selection process will consider how the CoREs will support the goals set out in:

Ka Hikitia: the Māori Education Strategy

The Pacific Education Action Plan

Vision Mātauranga

We also expect that where Māori and Pacific research organisations are included as collaborative partners, that they have meaningful roles in the research programme.  Where appropriate, the research programme should reference the goals set out in:

He Kai Kei Aku Ringa (the Crown-Māori Economic Growth Partnership)

Maihi Karauna (the Crown’s Māori Language Strategy)