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Dame Alice Joan Metge

CREST 150th Celebration investigations

Dame Alice Joan Metge DBE (1930 – ) is a prominent social anthropologist, educator and writer.

She is actively engaged in peace initiatives, including the Waitangi National Trust Board. Her research focuses on cross-cultural awareness and she frequently uses the image of the taura whiri, or plaited rope, to show how “nation building, like rope-making, involves skill, co-operation and continuous hard work”.

Project guidelines 

Be inspired by Dame Alice Joan Metge, and for a 150th Bronze, Team BronzeSilver,Team Silver, Silver Challenge or Team Silver Challenge award:

Identify and research an issue of social concern and develop and begin an action/remediation plan or develop a model/prototype of a product which may help address that issue.


Links to teaching and learning programmes

This investigation could contribute to teaching and learning programmes involving:


Levels 1-8 : Technological Practice, Technological  Knowledge

Social Sciences:                                 

Level 6-7     History .1

Social Sciences:                     

Level 6-7     Social Studies  .2


Levels 1-8    Technological Practice, Technological  Knowledge

Technology  Generic:            

1.1, 1.2,  1.3, 1.4, 1.11,  2.1, 2.3, 2.4, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3,  3.4

Digital Technologies:                 

1.41, 1.43, 2.41, 2.43, 3.43

Processing Technologies:                              

1.6, 1.45, 2.45, 2.46, 3.46

Social Sciences:                                            

Levels 4-7    Social Studies