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Resources and ideas for your Bronze CREST project

Good ideas for CREST projects come from activities you are interested in. Here is a worksheet to help you brainstorm possible topics for your projects.

How to come up with a good idea for a project 

Example Bronze CREST projects

It’s best to think of your own idea for a project but here are some Bronze CREST example projects to help you:

  • Solve the hassle of desks that scrunch your knees?
  • Invent a cat door that lets only your cat through?
  • Investigate the water quality of your local stream?
  • Find out how far ants go to find food?
  • Invent an educational toy for a preschooler?
  • Figure out a better way to secure your bike?
  • Discover what colour combinations attract most?
  • Follow up a school topic that interests you?
  • Find ways to reduce the air pollution where you live?
  • Improve the energy efficiency of your home?
  • Improve your school’s sports uniform?
  • Work with a scientist or technologist on an aspect of their work?
  • Develop a snack for the school canteen?
  • Develop an exercise video that would appeal to unfit people?
  • Test ways to rapidly compost old magazine

You can also link in with some CREST Connections or CREST Challenges as part of your CREST investigations. For 2017, you can also link in with some 150th Celebration Investigations.

CREST Challenges for Bronze CREST participants:

TechHub CREST Challenge

CREST Connections for Bronze CREST participants:

Bright sparks

Climate change and "Thin ice"

Sunsmart Schools

Butterfly Investigations


SafeKids Aotearoa

150th Celebration Investigations for Bronze CREST participants:

Sir Peter Buck | Te Rangi Hīroa

Charles Alexander Fleming

Sir Ernest Marsden

Dame Alice Joan Metge

Beatrice Tinsley