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2014 NZIFST CREST Challenge

2014 mentors, sponsors, professional development and judging events

2014 Challenge Mentors

Each team is supported by a CREST Consultant/Mentor, a professional from the food industry, who could be also be a Futureintech  Ambassador or NZIFST member. In 2015, mentors include: 

  • Aaron Salazar & Julie Ilagan, Sherrat Ingredients; 
  • Alexandra Allan, The FoodBowl; 
  • Abigayl Ayo, Kerry Ingredients;
  • Ann Hayman, MPI;
  • Amie Duan, Fisher & Paykel Appliances; 
  • Charlotte Treffers, Clare Chandler, John van den Beuken, MPI;
  • Clare Chandler, MPI;
  • Eddie Grooten, Dad's Pies;
  • Esraa El Shall, Fonterra Brands (Tip Top);
  • Fiona Greig, NZ Beef and Lamb; 
  • Gina Gray a& Kim Bulling, QFS;
  • Hayden Pohio, Boosta Ltd;
  • Katie Hatton, Bluebird Foods;
  • Kelly Eastwood & Renee Jekel, Prolife Foods;
  • Laura Lobb, Fonterra RDC;
  • Liquan Wang, Jack Links;
  • Maggie Ashton, Bakels Edible Oils;
  • Malcolm MacDonald, Hansells Masterton;
  • Megan Howard, Whittaker's;
  • Mollie Fitzgibbon & Owen Fisher, Florentine's Patisserie;
  • Natasha Birt, Fonterra Eltham;
  • Paula Campbell, Kaweka Food Co.;
  • Sarah Beaton, Hawkins Watts; 
  • Shelley Banham & Tessa Tietjen, Griffins;
  • Steffen Friedrich, Kiwi Ice Cream; 
  • Tracey Jaques & Konrad Shaffer, Fonterra Whareroa;
  • William Horsley, Stratex Group; 

2014 Challenge Sponsors

Each team receives sponsorship from the food industry, to contribute to the costs the school has incurred in entering the Challenge.

In 2014, this generous support has been given by:

AgResearch, Amcor Flexibles, ANZCO Foods, AsureQuality, David Munro, DIANZ, Eurofins, Farmers Mill, Fonterra Brands, Fonterra RDC, Goodman Fielder (Dairy), GS Hall, Hansells Masterton, Hawkins Watts, imake, Invita, Jack Links, NZ Sugar, NZIC Oils & Fats Group, NZIFST Nutrition Special Interest Group, Plant & Food Research, Prolife Foods, Sally Hasell, Sherratt Ingredients, Taura Natural Ingredients, The TATUA Co-operative Dairy Company, vegetables.co.nz, Westland Milk Products and Foodtech Packtech.

Teacher Professional  Development

Participating teachers in the North Island  have received professional development from the staff of the Institute of Food, Nutrition and Human Health at Massey University. 

The professional food scientists and technologists who assess the projects using the CREST criteria also judge the regional competitions.

The Challenge is an invaluable lesson in implementing food science and technology, as practiced by the food industry into secondary schools and is an outstanding example of collaboration involving teachers, students, the tertiary sector, Futureintech, the food industry, NZIFST and the Royal Society of New Zealand, resulting in students choosing Food Science and Technology as future learning pathways and career choices.