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2019 Mentors / Consultants

Mentors and consultants are vital ingredients to the Food Innovation Challenge and we thank them for their significant contribution.


Mentors / Consultants are vital to all CREST projects.

Each of the 2019 teams have an invaluable industry mentor / consultant who provides access to information and experiences outside the classroom.

CREST and NZIFST warmly acknowledge the support of the following people who are mentoring school students who have entered the 2019 NZIFST/CREST Food Innovation Challenge and their respective employers for allowing them to take valuable time out of work to do this.


2019 Food Innovation Challenge  Mentors / Consultants


A Mentor / Consultant's role is to:

  • Provide advice that complements students’ ideas

  • Help the students to learn the skills they need to succeed

  • Liaise with the teacher to ensure the student’s success

  • Help students towards achieving realistic goals

  • Explain ‘how something is usually done’ or provide information about some aspect of their project

  • Suggest other questions or avenues that would be interesting and manageable to explore

  • Provide access to some equipment, a workplace, or materials if convenient and if the situation is safe.


The most successful projects come from students’ own ideas, though a project does need to be manageable and realistic.

Mentors / Consultants support the student’s initiatives but avoid doing the project for them.

Students and mentors / consultant’s, alike, find CREST a rewarding experience.


CREST 2018 Wellington High with Mentor

2018 Team Wellington High School teachers, students and mentors