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Insight to the Product Development Process

Insightful opportunity for teachers supervising 2019 NZIFST/CREST Food Innovation Challenge students.


On 2 April, linking the Albany and Palmerston North sites by video conference, Professor Steve Flint and his Massey University School of Food and Advanced Technology colleagues ran a professional development opportunity for food technology and science teachers who are supervising students doing the 2019 NZIFST/CREST Food Innovation Challenge.

The day included an introduction to the Product Development Process used by the food processing industry and provided teachers with other information which would assist their students through the Challenge.


Teachers at Albany site

The professional development also included :

  • Labelling foods in compliance with the Food Standards Code. The session included practical exercises and highlight recent changes to the Code;
  • Where to find regulations about nutritional and health claims; use of the nutrition information panel calculator; interpretation of nutrition information panels and how to write them; how to calculate and interpret Health Star ratings; 
  • How to write ingredient listings, including characterising ingredients; allergen declarations;
  • Where to find food standards for specific products, e.g. dairy products; 
  • Introduction to functional ingredients commonly used in the food processing industry, including a practical activity in the laboratory;
  •  An introduction to the physical (e.g. temperature control, water activity, pH) and chemical (e.g. ingredients) methods used to produce safe food, and guidance re use of the risk assessment forms and
  • A tour of the school.


The day was a great success. As one teacher said “Thank you for the insightful PD day at Massey. Thoroughly enjoyed the topics”.

Teachers at Albany site