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CREST and Bright Sparks

Steps to a Bright Sparks CREST Award

  1. Invitation to Teachers
  2. Choose a Bright Sparks category
  3. Register for Bright Sparks and order Bronze CREST materials
  4. Decide on idea / aim and join the Bright Sparks Forum
  5. Follow Bronze CREST process:  Steps 5-10

How CREST and Bright Sparks connect:


  Bronze CREST  steps                             

Bright Sparks steps


Individual or Team?

Teachers order CREST materials

Decide on Bright Sparks Category

Register for Bright Sparks


Start project log books

Same as step 1


Decide on aim, need or opportunity


Check the Bright Sparks Categories  and Ideas pages


Find a consultant

Join Bright Sparks Forum and work with a Bright Sparks mentor


Explore ideas



Clarify aim, need or opportunity        



Plan activities and how you will go about them on a timeline


The timeline is that of the Bright Sparks competition.

Bright Sparks/CREST projects must be completed, submitted and received by both CREST and Bright Sparks no later than end of September 


Carry out the plan



Compile report 

Video and photos = CREST report!


Assess project

Submit project for assessment by teacher

Teacher sends CREST confirmation forms to CREST


Send your video and photos to Bright Sparks.

Bright Sparks organisers are the external assessors of your project. They will confirm that you have submitted a video and photos for the  Bright Sparks competition


All signed off?

On receipt of both confirmations, CREST will issue a Bright Sparks/Bronze CREST certificate and Bronze CREST Badge.


Bright Sparks will judge all entries to Bright Sparks