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Safekids driveway safety

Resources and ideas for a First CREST and Bronze CREST project with Safekids Aotearoa

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On average, five children are killed each year after being run over in a driveway in New Zealand. Every two weeks a child is hospitalised with serious injuries received the same way. Most children injured are toddlers, and the driver is usually a parent, close family member or neighbour. The devastating impact of these events on families cannot be overstated.

The Safekids Driveway Safety Campaign is designed to raise awareness about the driveway run over injury issue.


CREST to a safe driveway!

Considering the nature of technology strand, complete a CREST project that will assist with driveway safety:

  • For a First CREST award: Devise and test a simple and effective educational game for preschoolers that teaches them about driveway safety.
  • For a Bronze CREST award: Devise and test an effective product that alerts adults to what they can do to ensure driveway safety.

For background research, watch the  video Signs of a Risky Driveway to learn about the factors that lead to a driveway run over and what the risks are