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Make your home a safety zone

Resources and ideas for a First CREST and Bronze CREST project with Safekids Aotearoa

The home is where the ‘heart’ of a family is — a place of shelter, security and love. However it is also the most common place where children are injured, particularly for those under five years old. 

Safekids Safety Whare is a travelling exhibition that will visit 10 regions throughout New Zealand in 2017 to raise awareness about the leading injuries in tamariki; those that happen in the home. This large 10 x 2 metre exhibition looks like a real whare (house), but with digital, interactive and artistic demonstrations showing how to prevent falls, burns, swallowing of button batteries, cutting and piercing, drowning, poisoning, driveway runover injuries, as well as how to encourage safe sleeping.

CREST to a safer home!

Considering the nature of technology strand, complete a CREST project that will assist with driveway safety:

  • For a First CREST award: Devise and test a simple and effective educational game for preschoolers that teaches them about being safe at home.
  • For a Bronze CREST award: Devise and test an effective product that reminds older siblings and adults about what they can do to ensure that children under five years old are safe at home.

For background research, take a sneak peak at The Safety Whare, and read the latest infographics, guidebook and safety messages to learn about the risks in the home.