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CRESTing Blue Light

How does Blue Light affect us?

Blue light occurs naturally as part of sunlight and moonlight and, like all living things on Earth, we have evolved to respond to the daily cycle of light and dark.

There is growing concern that the increased exposure to artificial sources of blue light from lighting and digital screens is having an effect on our health, wildlife and the night sky. However, there are many things we can do to protect ourselves and te taiao the environment from artificial blue light.

CREST wants to put a light on some of the concerns about artificial blue light and invites students to undertake a Blue Light CREST investigation.  

Here are some starter ideas:

  • When thinking about Human health and behaviour

*How are you exposed to blue light during the day and night? How does this impact your health?

*Special cells in your eye detect blue light sending signals to your brain to make you feel alert during the day and sleepy at night. What can you do to reduce blue light exposure at night?


  • When thinking about Astronomy

*Investigate the impact of light pollution in your community. How does this differ between rural and urban environments?


  • When thinking about Biology

*How are insects, plants or animals affected by different colours of light?



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