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CRESTing to a Duke of Edinburgh's Hillary Award

Students can use their CREST investigation as part of their Skills section of their Duke of Edinburgh's Hillary Award.


The Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award (DoEH) is a voluntary, non-competitive programme of practical, cultural and adventurous activities, designed to support the personal and social development of young people aged 14–25, regardless of gender, background or ability.

It offers an individual challenge and encourages young people to undertake exciting, constructive, challenging and enjoyable activities in their free time.

The mission of the New Zealand programme is to have young people, regardless of cultural, ethnic and socio-economic background, participating in an exciting, flexible and individually tailored programme, to build skills, identity and self-esteem.

DoEH has three levels, each progressively more challenging. Like CREST, these levels are Bronze, Silver and Gold. There are differences.


DoEH Awards CREST Awards
Bronze Bronze
Silver Silver
Gold  Gold


Through DoEH's Skills section students can try something new such as a research investigation.

Students can use their CREST investigation as part of their Skills section of their DoEH level.


How it Works 


  • The CREST participant MUST have registered and paid to do their DoEH  before they start their CREST Award.


  • When selecting activities for DoEH, students simply put CREST for the Skills section via the Online Record Book.



  • Students undertake and complete their CREST investigation.


  • Confirmation that the CREST criteria has been met is to be signed off by the CREST supervising teacher and sent to CREST noting that the student is applying to use their investigation as part of their DoEH. 


  • When students have completed their CREST Award, the CREST supervising teacher needs to be their Assessor for the Award and sign this off via the DoEH Online Record Book.


  • CREST will confirm the CREST award; send the appropriate CREST certificate and badge via the Supervising Teacher and confirm with DoEH that the student has had their CREST award confirmed.