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DoC Education CREST Award

Teachers of Year 0-8 students who have completed any of the Te Papa Atawhai Department of Conservation’s education programmes are eligible to apply for their students to receive a student DOC Education/CREST Award

DOC’s conservation programmes are a series of inquiry learning units to encourage primary and intermediate students to go outdoors, explore and connect to a local natural environment (e.g. school grounds, local park, beach etc). There are three major contexts  each of which includes a range of teaching and learning ideas from stand-alone authentic experiences to a comprehensive integrated inquiry unit. The resources have been designed so that they can be used by themselves, or joined together to create a unit of work.





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 School children from Pongaroa planting trees on school grounds. Credit: Sandra Burles

CREST is a Royal Society Te Apārangi awards scheme designed to encourage excellence for Years 0-13 students to be innovative, creative, and to problem solve in science, technology, environmental and other STEM related investigations.



Year 0-5 students are eligible for a Primary DOC Education/CREST Award

Year 6-8 students are eligible for a Team First DOC Education/CREST Award



$5.00 per student (for personalised certificate and CREST badge)

CREST will invoice the school on receipt of the DOC Education/CREST Award “order” form


The Process

Teachers might like to consider ways in which they can use the DOC Education/CREST Award for any curriculum and/or assessment links.

Towards the end of the teaching and learning, complete the DOC Education/CREST Award clearly indicating which programme was undertaken and forward it to CREST(crest@royalsociety.org.nz).

When the programme is completed, please upload a summary of your students’ learning to this Google Form.

Below is a list of templates which you could use, however feel free to use whatever works for you and your learners. 

Below is a list of templates which you could use, however feel free to use whatever works for you and your learners.

Inquiry plans

Inquiry plan for your local environment

Inquiry plan for your estuary

Examples of data collection

Results and conclusions about life in your local environment

Environmental action plan

Brief for environmental action

CREST will issue a DOC Education/CREST certificate award and a CREST Badge.


Future Pathways

Those teachers and students who continue a DOC inspired project can use their DOC Education/CREST Award as a pathway to the next CREST level, or other CREST options.

CREST operates at five levels of difficulty where the students work as individuals or in small teams. At all levels the student are learning skills in scientific research and/or technological practice. 

Thus, students begin with small entry-level projects and build up to large research or technological practice projects that can take up to 18 months at Gold level, and have the potential for major new discoveries.


DOC/Primary   to     First, orTeam First CREST

DOC Team First to    First, Bronze orTeam Bronze CREST


Then on to..   

Silver, Team Silver, Silver Challenge or Team Silver Challenge

and eventually (by Year 12) Silver to Gold or Team Gold


Check out About CREST



For further information, please contact:

DOC Education Team  conservED@doc.govt.nz

CREST  crest@royalsociety.org.nz