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CREST and Evolocity

Information and ideas for Team Bronze and Team Silver CREST awards with an electrical engineering context


Working collaboratively, CREST and EVolocity offer students the opportunity to experience, first hand, the innovative work done by scientists, technologists, mathematicians and engineers, and to raise the profile of the career options in electrical engineering.

The frameworks of both CREST and the EVolocity programme, have natural synergy and offer students, their teachers and communities the opportunity to simultaneously participate in both programmes.

From a student and schools perspective, features such as the incentive of an award, working with consultants/experts/mentors and accepting responsibility for their own learning along with the opportunity for multiple assessments (including NCEA credits) and rewards, have great appeal and provide motivation to produce excellent work.

If your students get involved with CREST, take time to consider incorporating EVolocity as a context.

The programme encourages independent investigative work through a well-designed framework that clearly guides student processes.

This takes pressure off teachers and offers students a prestigious reward for their endeavours.

Consider Team Bronze or Team Silver CREST

For further information contact: crest@royalsociety.org.nz