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First CREST and "The New Normal"

Helping people to remember, or learn, what our waterways were like before, and could be again


Carefully read Kiwi Conservation Club’s instructions on The New Normal Project  What to Do.

  • Order your First CREST student materials ( one per student)
  • Choose a waterway in your area that isn’t doing so well.
  • Interview people in your community about what it used to be like there, maybe when they were your age.
  • Make a video to share what you have found out and to inspire others to take action to look after your water better (the video will be the First CREST report).
  • Somewhere in your video you’ll need the line: “Respecting water is my/our new normal.”
  • Put your video up on YouTube (or another platform) with the title “The New Normal Project”, and send KCC the link!
  • Complete the First CREST confirmation forms and sent to CREST, Royal Society Te Apārangi, P.O. Box 598, Wellington 6140
  • CREST will confirm with KCC that your entry has been received by KCC before processing First CREST certificates and badges.


Consider using the Nature of Science and Living World strands, or Pūtaiao and First CREST

 Resources to help


 “The new normal” is a phrase used when something that use to be very different before, has become what people accept, expect, and think is usual. For example, it is the new normal to send a text, instead of ringing someone. Unfortunately, people are starting to think that dirty rivers, weed infested wetlands, melting glaciers, and islands of plastic in our oceans are the new normal.

Thing is, it doesn’t have to be….

 In May 2017, KCCers came together at Parliament and made a video – sharing their thoughts about the proposed changes to fresh water standards. This video made a difference. People took notice of what was said.