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Town Belt Kaitiaki and CREST

How to CREST a Town Belt Kaitiaki project.

Teachers of students who have engaged in a completed a Town Belt Kaitiaki project are eligible to apply for student Town Belt Kaitiaki and CREST Awards.

Town Belt Kaitiaki 

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The Dunedin Town Belt Kaitiaki education programme has its own education co-ordinator who is currently working with several schools and early childhood centres supporting their use of the Dunedin Town Belt as both an outdoor classroom and a space where they can put what they learn into practice.

It uses a collaborative community education model for conservation, based on the successful Kids Restore the Kepler and Kids Greening Taupo projects.

The initiative is supported by a strategic leadership group with representatives from the Dunedin City Council,Department of Conservation, Te Rūnaka o Ōtākou, Kāti Huirapa Rūnaka ki Puketeraki,Dunedin Amenities Society, Otago Natural History Trust, University of Otago, Chamber of Commerce, Toitū Otago Settlers Museum and the schools.

A student leadership team composed of students from participating schools has developed a vision for the Town Belt and has embarked on a number of student-led projects ranging from advocacy of the Town Belt, improving recreation opportunities, monitoring wildlife and predator trapping.


CREST is a Royal Society Te Apārangi awards scheme designed to encourage excellence for Years 0-13 students to be innovative, creative, and to problem solve in science, technology, environmental and other STEM related investigations.

CREST operates at five levels of difficulty where the students work as individuals or in small teams. At all levels the student are learning skills in scientific research and/or technological practice. Each level requires larger commitment as the students need to tackle more difficult projects in terms of content and research practice or skill. At all levels, the students are learning skills in scientific research and/or technological practice.


Y0-5 students are eligible for a Town Belt Kaitiaki/ Primary CREST Award.

Y6-8 students are eligible for a Town Belt Kaitiaki/ Team First CREST Award.

Y9-13 students are eligible for a Town Belt Kaitiaki/ Team Bronze CREST Award.

The Process

Teachers might like to consider ways in which they can use the Town Belt Kaitiaki/ CREST experience for any curriculum and/or assessment links.

Towards the end of the Town Belt Kaitiaki project, Teachers complete the Town-Belt-Kaitiaki-CREST-order-form.docx  have it signed off by the Town Belt Kaitiaki Co-ordinator and forward it to CREST (crest@royalsociety.org.nz).

No additional work is required.


Primary CREST     $ 3.00 per student.

Team First            $ 6.00 per student.

Team Bronze        $12.00 per student.

Project Leaders, Teachers / Schools are advised to follow their normal school procedures for collecting payment from/for students’ activity and to consider these costs being included in the TBK project budget.CREST will invoice the school on receipt of the Town-Belt-Kaitiaki-CREST-order.docx .

At the end of the Town Belt Kaitiaki and CREST project each student will receive a badge and certificate. Thus, students and teachers receive additional recognition for their work as well as establishing a pathway to further CREST involvement.

Future Pathways

Those teachers and students who continue a Town Belt Kaitiaki inspired project can use their CREST award as a pathway to the next CREST level, or other CREST options.

 For example:

Town Belt Kaitiaki Primary to First, or Team First CREST

Town Belt Kaitiaki Team First to First, Bronze or Team Bronze CREST

Town Belt Kaitiaki Team Bronze to Silver, Team Silver, Silver Challenge or Team Silver Challenge

and eventually( by Y12) Silver to Gold or Team Gold.


For further information, please contact

Claudia Babirat                 townbelt.edcoordinator@gmail.com      

Jessie McKenzie                crest@royalsociety.org.nz

Flyer:              Town-Belt-Kaitiaki-Crest-Awards.pdf

Order Form:    Town-Belt-Kaitiaki-CREST-order-form.docx