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Published 18 January 2018

2018 TechHub CREST Challenge

Invitation to register

 You are invited!!!

To register your interest to participate in the 2018 TechHub/CREST Challenge.

At this stage this is JUST a registration of INTEREST! Actual confirmations will be required before 26th February, 2018

What is the Techhub/CREST Challenge???

Run by IT Professionals NZ (ITP) and CREST( Royal Society Te Apārangi’s  Internationally recognised awards scheme) the TechHub CREST Challenge is designed to inspire and educate young people about the ICT industry, while strengthening their investigation, research, teamwork and innovation skills.  All essential skills for our future workforce.

CREST stands for CREativity in Science and Technology.  The challenge requires Year 9 /10 students to work in teams of 3 or 4 to conceptualise, research, design and develop a proto-type Mobile App over the period a school term.

 We have found that the best success comes from running the challenge as part of a whole class digital teaching and learning programme/course emphasising teaching practice, knowledge and the nature of technology.

This is a digital technologies challenge, where the winners over the past 3 years, have had NO PREVIOUS PROGRAMMING EXPERIENCE before entering the challenge………..

It is not as hard as it sounds; there is a unit plan template for the programme, a week by week list of tasks for the students, and access to an industry mentor for you and your students..

 “The TechHub CREST Challenge was a fantastic experience! Not only do the students get advice from people in the IT industry but they get to engage in an exciting project that drives student collaboration, teamwork, and innovation. A must for any 21st century learner!”

         - Mr B. Carter Hornby High School

The 2018 Challenge is being offered to schools in Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Palmerston North, Wellington, Nelson, Dunedin and Christchurch.

 If you are not based within the above regions but would like to participate please contact us and let’s see what we can do.

You can choose to run the challenge in your class, during any/all of the rounds below.

Round 1:             12th March – 1st June

Round 2:             30th April – 6th July

Round 3:              23rd July – 28th September

Students successfully completing the Challenge will be awarded a Team Bronze CREST award.

Teams will compete for school and regional titles with the winners of each region competing for a national title awarded after the completion of Round 3.

 Please note that there is a cost associated with the student Bronze CREST materials.

 But Wait! There’s More!!

A unique experience for teachers: how to experience what your students are about to do…….all at your own pace!

  1. Complete the brief yourself ( work with a colleague ,CoL leader or  cluter member and or TechHub mentor)
  2. Keep a log book of what you have done.. and learned
  3. Share your app  with TechHub and CREST and receive acknowledgment of such
  4. Record your achievements in your teacher registration portfolio.

To register your interest go to 2018 Crest Challenge - Register Your Interest

For more information:   Go to: TechHub CREST Challenge

or contact









Source: Royal Society Te Apārangi