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Published 16 July 2019

If we build it, will peripatus come?

Peripatus, PSP and CREST


Congratulations to the students of Green Island, St Francis Xavier and Abbotsford schools who have been awarded Primary CREST awards for their Participatory Science Platform project.

Teachers and students worked with scientists, museum educators and graphic designers to see what things in urban green-spaces make good homes for invertebrates including the vulnerable velvet worm (peripatus) and how to create such areas at school and home.

The students then created ‘how to’ flyers to share their findings with the Dunedin public.

 The Peripatus Schools Project is a community science project supporting real-world ecology and conservation science in the primary school classroom, examining and creating habitats around town for invertebrates and the unique Dunedin velvet worm, peripatus.

More information about the project is available on the Catchments Otago website.


Source: Royal Society Te Apārangi