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Resources and ideas for your First CREST project

Good ideas for CREST projects come from activities you are interested in. Here is a worksheet to help you brainstorm possible topics for your projects.

How to come up with a good idea for a project 

Example First CREST projects


Try to come up with your own idea and make sure that what you choose is something that really interests you, and is something that you really want to do.

  • invent a sports carry bag;
  • breed worms;
  • compare yoghurts made from different types of milk;
  • make a stand for a motocross bike;
  • investigate which parts of faces people most easily recognise;
  • find sounds that people interpret as a warning or alarm signal;
  • work out new methods for using stars to find due south;
  • develop a computer game;
  • train a pet to respond to a unique signal;
  • develop an educational toy;
  • find the best plastic for an emergency raincoat;
  • test ways to protect a delicate object in the mail;

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