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How to achieve a First CREST

Follow these key steps to achieve a First CREST

  1. Decide on an interesting topic and start writing a log.
  2. Talk to your consultant and give them the Consultant brochure from your folder.
  3. Explore your ideas. Try some activities. Will your project work?
  4. Decide on your aim, need or oppportunity. You might investigate something interesting, make a new product or to solve a problem that will improve the environment. Start filling in the progress check.
  5. Plan what you are going to do. Remember to update your log with your plans and ideas.
  6. Carry out your plan. Change it if you need to and revise it as you go along. Complete the progress check.
  7. Report interesting aspects of the project to others. Ask your teacher for suggestions.
  8. Self assess your project using the assessment criteria and discuss your project with your assessor.
  9. Ask your assessor to sign your CREST booklet and send it to CREST. Prepare to receive your CREST Award.