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Primary CREST: Team challenges

A series of fun hands-on co-operative activities where students work as a team using simple materials to solve problems.



Task: To collect as many of the table tennis balls from across the ditch as you can in the time provided. You must build a device with the materials provided to lift each ball (one at a time) across the 2 metre gap.


Scenario: Your tramping group is trapped in wild country and cannot cross a deep stream in your path. To make matters worse the balloon you have just inflated to send with a message on has been blown from your hand. It has landed in bushes on the other side of the stream. It is vital that you get it back quickly before another gust carries it away!



Task: Using the materials provided you have 20 minutes to design and make a free-standing flagpole which can support a ‘flag’ as high as possible.



Scenario: Some friends were watching television and saw several athletic events. One was a race over hurdles, the other was badminton. They wanted to do similar activities but didn’t have the equipment. They decided to make their own out of paper.



Scenario:  MacGyver is a television hero who has many adventures. On one of them he was knocked out and ‘comes to’ to find that some ‘baddies’ have him with his feet embedded in a newly poured concrete floor on a building site. The concrete has set sufficiently for him to be unable to pull his feet out but is not yet hard. The baddies inform him that there is a bomb nearby set to go off in 10 minutes time to blow up the building. They exit left



Aim: Design a device to roll and aim a marble along the floor to hit a target in the shortest possible time; the marble is to be dropped into your ‘marble roller’ device.



Scenario: Your group is invited to a special ceremony where your team flag will be raised. Unfortunately the flag poles have gone missing and you must build your own.



Scenario: Supermarket bags are not very strong and often break or split when filled with heavy and sharp grocery items. How can we use old recycled supermarket bags to make a super supermarket bag that will not break so easily?



Scenario: Some friends watched a video of kids skipping with a rope and decided they’d like to try it too. They decided to make their own using the plastic bags they had nearby.



Scenario: Eight of your team have been stranded on a desert island. They are weak with hunger. To make things worse the only fresh water on the island contained a strain of a nasty virus that has rendered all of you speechless (oh yes it has!) One of your team has a broken leg (lower left leg) and a badly burned right arm. Just when you think things couldn’t get worse, you discover that on an island very close to yours is another team in (amazingly) exactly the same situation as you. You know a boat is to appear soon – but it’s only big enough to rescue eight people at a time. It’s you or the other team – who will be rescued first?



Task:  To build a device to speak a message to one of your group 2m from you at the other end. The device will have to be able to be pushed through one or two holes in a ‘wall’. You will be given a brief message to speak to the team member at the other end, who will then tell the judge who will mark its accuracy.



Task: Build a pair of stilts which one member of the team will use to negotiate a 6m course as fast as possible and grab a tennis ball (‘fruit’) on a pole held at the height just below their outstretched arm when on their stilts.



Scenario: The computer room needs to be protected from burglary. This challenge involves designing and making a device or alarm that will be activated when an unauthorised person enters the ICT room.