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Resources and ideas for your Silver CREST project

Good ideas for CREST projects come from activities you are interested in. Here is a worksheet to help you brainstorm possible topics for your projects.

How to come up with a good idea for a project 

Example Silver CREST projects

Main personal interests and leisure time activities. Is there a problem related to any of them?

  • A work space that is not adjustable?
  • Video storage?
  • Sweat on a ball court?

Does someone have a need?

  • A disability that makes kitchen implements difficult to use?
  • Repetitive knee injuries?
  • A problem with learning junior maths?
  • They are always losing their glasses?

Something often wondered about:

  • Do memory improvement programmes actually work?
  • What happens when you vary the ingredients in ceramic glazes?
  • How effective are gortex jackets versus swandris?
  • Are herbs really companion plants?

See a need to be met or an opportunity in the environment:

  • A classroom with variable workplaces
  • An alarm to detect vermin or predators
  • Sun protection for animals
  • A perfume extracted from native plants
  • A cleaning pack for plastic lenses
  • Easy-clean pet bowls
  • A way to communicate wordless instruction for the safe use of a machine?
  • A need to redesign charity clothing bins.

An important environmental issue:

  • The smell from waste processing?
  • A need to recycle computers?
  • An area that could be used better at school?
  • A public information campaign about local native species?
  • A way to crush plastic bottles at home?

Something done at school students might like to follow-up, find out more about, or do again differently?

You can also link in with some CREST Connections or CREST Challenges as part of your CREST investigations. For 2017, you can also link in with some 150th Celebration investigations.

CREST Challenges for Silver CREST participants:

CREST NZIFST Student Product Development Challenge

CREST Connections for Silver CREST participants:

Climate change and "Thin ice"

Butterfly Investigations



150th Celebration Investigations for Silver CREST participants:

Sir Peter Buck | Te Rangi Hīroa

Charles Alexander Fleming

Sir Ernest Marsden

Dame Alice Joan Metge

Baron Ernest Rutherford

Beatrice Tinsley