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Apply for a James Cook Fellowship

Information for those applying for a James Cook Research Fellowship

The James Cook Research Fellowships, administered by the Royal Society Te Apārangi on behalf of the New Zealand Government, are awarded to researchers who have the requisite qualifications and experience and are able to demonstrate that they have achieved national and international recognition in their area of scientific research. The fellowships allow them to concentrate on their chosen research for two years without the additional burden of administrative and teaching duties.

The funding package annually is $100,000 plus GST and up to $10,000 plus GST in relevant expenses. It is expected that a major piece of research will be undertaken that will benefit New Zealand and advance research in the particular science.

The James Cook Research Fellowship Terms of Reference are available as a PDF

Current status

The 2020 funding round will open in March.


For all queries and submissions, please contact:  james.cook@royalsociety.org.nz