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Checklist for Marsden Fund Council Award Proposals

A final checklist when submitting a Marsden Fund Council Award proposal through the application portal.

In general, the "Status of Application" button (left hand menu) is a very useful tool to check progress of your application.
  • Check your title. Is this correct?
  • Have you supplied some keywords of phrases for your proposal under ‘Fields of Research’?
  • Have you completed the Fields of Research Classification Codes?
  • Have you completed the SEO codes and supplied some keywords associated with those?
  • Check the Summary page and ensure the summary is a maximum of 200 words. Remove any unnecessary hard returns in the web entry that prevent the Summary from occupying the whole width of the page.
  • Contact PIs: Check that you have completed the "Researcher" section of your application and have ticked off the Terms and Conditions section section here, as well as each application that you are named in (at top of page).
  • Check that you have emailed all other named investigators their URL so that they can log in and complete their details. If you have, the "Portal ID" and "Emailed" fields for other investigators will be filled in with an ID and a date. If you haven't, the date field will be blank.
  • The proposal section – sections 2A-2G, and 2H-2J:
    • The A4 page layout and 2 cm margins remain unaltered (using a 12 point font, Times or similar and single line-spacing).
    • Remove the instructions preceding each section (small 10 point type under the headings of the various sections).
    • Ensure the background (2A), overall aims (2B), proposed research (2C) are no more than 5 pages in total if no Vision Mātauranga theme has been identified; or no more than 6 pages including 2D if one or more VM themes have been identified.
    • The statement of Vision Mātauranga (section 2D) is part of the 2A-2G template.
    • Ensure the Specific Methodologies for the Proposed Research (section 2E) does not exceed three pages.
    • Ensure the assessment criteria (section 2F) does not exceed two pages.
    • Ensure there are no more than three pages of references (Section 2G).
    • Ensure the timetable (section 2H), roles and resources (2I) and ethical and regulatory obligations (2J) do not exceed two pages for these three sections combined.
  • Check the FTE table (section 4) representing the contribution of your research team and the roles and resources section (2I) giving a clear statement on the role each researcher will have.
  • Check that you have completed Section 3 (Vision Mātauranga themes tickboxes) before you complete section 2. This will ensure that the correct page lengths are applied to the 2A-2G template.
  • Check that the CVs for all named applicants (Section 5) have been uploaded correctly.
  • The uploaded budget document (sections 6-7) should not exceed two pages.
  • Ensure your other funding (section 8) has been completed and the declaration page has been ticked (section 9).
  • Please print/preview or print out the document and check that everything is in order and as you expect it to be read, and that all documents have been uploaded correctly.
    • Some applicants wish to insert special characters in the web text boxes. Information on doing this is given in the Instructions, available from the left hand menu of the on-line proposal.
  • Once you have marked the proposal as “Completed” then if further changes are necessary, you will need to consult your research institution coordinator.